It really is a HUGE HELP and MASSIVELY APPRECIATED not to handle cash anymore, so thank you for remembering your card or smart phone.

Below are some of the FAQs to explain why we have ditched the dosh in favour of card payments only.

Why don’t you have cash onsite anymore?

The main reason is that we no longer have a high street bank in Bovey Tracey. It closed during the pandemic and has made maintaining a change float hugely costly to a small operation like ours.

It can’t cost that much, surely?

Actually, yes. The time it takes to count takings, balance floats, top-up with change takes a large amount of time. Driving to Torquay, find somewhere to park and then queue up in a busy bank takes someone away for hours – and we would need to do this twice a week!

Is it more accurate for you?

Yes 100%! There is far less room for human error without handling cash. We lost many an hour in the past trying to figure out till differences. Now everything balances perfectly 😊

What other benefits are there?

There is also the benefit of reduced loss of income from theft. We are not suggesting for one minute that anyone would ever steal from us, but hospitality businesses do have to be aware of this. Without money in the till the temptation is no longer there.

What if I only have cash?

If you don’t have any electronic means to pay, we will of course accept cash. But because we do not have a change float, we might not be able to give you the correct change back. So if you have the exact amount that’s ideal.

Isn’t it illegal?

It is our understanding that it is not illegal to prefer card payments. It would be illegal if we were refusing payment based on a protected characteristic such as age, gender or race which we are not. Everyone is welcome! And we will take cash as payment if necessary, but for all the reasons listed above its much preferred if you can use a card or phone.

Thank you so much for your support.